About us

Plastics are more and more used in different industrial areas, and also in commercial spheres. This is closely related to plastics joining. Plastics joining can be sorted basically into two groups: demountable (screwed, flanged, throathed, embouchured, etc.) and non-demountable (welded, glued, pressed, riveted, etc.).

Mainly the non-demountable joints (namely the welded joints), due to it´s good physical and mechanical properties are very popular, wheter we talking about pipeline distribution in gas or waterworks industry, the same way in chemical, food, electrotechnical, buliding, agriculture industry or un power engineering, ecology, tanks manufacturing and plastic constuctions. Our focal point is mainly the plastics welding and plastic machining, and we offer different plastics welding technologies from respected and reputable welding devices manufacturers.

The most typical welding ways are:

Of course, beside above mentioned technologies we offer also extruders, hot-air welding devices, plastic sheets benders, cutters and additional accessories and services.