Testing and checking instruments

Permanently effort for quality increasing of welding joints - that´s the primary goal for every implementation company. Therefore we have wide range of test and checking devices in our product portfolio. We provide testing devices for welding joints solidity tensile strenght or flexural strenght, devices for quality control and joint tightness (mainly by plastic sheet welding or welding with additive materials), and also devices for checking welding device parameters (such a temperature, pressure, time). Some types of devices are designated for use in laboratory conditions, while the others are designated for use directly in industrial construction or in operation plant.

Selection of testing and checking devices:

  • Minitest - very simple device for peeling off checking, testing line 220 mm, accumulator operating
  • Airtest - mobile device for canal tightness testing by sheet welding, including portable compressor in aluminium case
  • Testing stool for tensile strenght test - device for long term tensile strenght test, meet requirements of regulation DVS 2203-4
  • WEG 22 - high frequency testing machine for welding joint tightness, testing voltage 15 - 55 kV, frequency 100 kHz
  • PHD - high voltage testing device with direct one way voltage 1-20 kV (for wall thickness up to 6,5 mm) or 2-40 kV (up to 26 mm)
  • TM1100 - digital thermometer with contact sensor for heating element temperature checking, range up to 250 °C
  • TMZ1000 - digital stopwatch for particular welding stage time checking